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Good. Old. Games.

PC gamers: Have you ever wondered "what happened to game X?" Is nostalgia for a game you played ten or fifteen years ago making you lose sleep? If so, mosey along to Good Old Games. Good Old Games (GOG) is a Polish company that acquires global rights to PC games that are out of print, patches them to the latest version, removes any DRM, and offers them for sale on their website. If the game is a DOS game, they include a copy of the DOSBox DOS emulator as well as a DOSBox configuration file with all settings required to play the game well on Windows XP/Vista/7. Oh, and the DOXBox configuration file also works great with DOSBox on the Mac or on Linux (although you do need to run Wine to install the game.) Once you buy a game you can download it from your account as many times as you want and install it wherever you want.

The prices are great - I picked up Might and Magic I-VI for $9.99 and four games from The Incredible Machine series on sale for $4.99 (regular price $9.99.)

So, if you'd like to play the original Fallout, or maybe Another World or Red Baron, give Good Old Games a try. Cheap, legal and convenient.
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