January 25th, 2017

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Back in October of 2012, my wife and I bought an IKEA SY sewing machine with the idea of using it to create appliance covers and wing bags for my R/C sailplanes. Before we got around to using it life happened and it got put away. Fast forward to this last weekend. The laundry bag we use to carry laundry from the garage to the bedroom ripped, and my wife proclaimed that we were going to sew up a new laundry bag that weekend. We bought some nice cloth, measured the old bag and sewed up a new one. The machine performed excellently (except for once when the thread somehow got out of the take-up lever) even going through 6 layers of cotton twill without breaking a sweat.

The second project was a cover for our blender - I completed that last night and it came out pretty good.

I've got a bunch more covers to make, and I'm really happy with my little $70 sewing machine.
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