January 30th, 2012

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Tricksy batteries... I hatessss them!

A few years ago I purchased a Casio G-Shock G-5600 watch. This is a pretty much indestructible watch (the manual recommends not leaving it on the dashboard of a car in full sun not because it will hurt the watch, but because you might get burned when picking it up!) with solar charging, so the battery shouldn't need to ever be replaced. Except that a couple years after I bought it, the battery ran down, and wouldn't charge at all. So it lived in my watch case for a long time, until it came to mind last week and I thought of getting it fixed. Google pointed me to a place where I could purchase a replacement rechargeable battery and all the tools required to change it, so I ordered them and they arrived Saturday. Sunday I sat down and opened the watch case, removed the old battery and took a look. Much to my surprise, instead of the specified CTL1616 rechargeable lithium battery, my watch came with a non-rechargeable CR1616 battery. I suppose that explains why the watch would not hold a charge. In any case, the battery replacement surgery was successful, and hopefully the G-5600 will give me many years of service.

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