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Went flying today for the first time this year. Each of the three planes I took had something new (or was completely new). My Radian electric sailplane had an upgraded folding propeller, my SmoothE electric sport plane had a new fuselage and servos, and I brought a brand new plane "designed" by myself and built from Dollar Tree foamboard, tape and hot glue, which I'm calling the Oogly.

The new propeller on the Radian makes it hit 200 meters altitude in 25 seconds (down from over 30 seconds on the old prop.) A hit. And the weather was fantastic - just a slight wind and thermals everywhere. In one thermal I ended up so high it took me 5 minutes of flat spinning to get back down to where I was comfortable. Each 25 second burst of power easily gave me 10-15 minutes of flying.

The SmoothE flew great, as it always has every time except the time I rekitted the previous fuselage.

The Oogly flew. It's a handful. It needs some down thrust on the motor (under power it would pitch up hard and start hanging on the prop) and I think the center of gravity is too far forward.

However, I didn't crash any of the planes, even the Oogly. Any day you come back with the same number of planes in the same number of pieces that you left with is a good day.

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