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Take that, Blerch!

Today, I met one of my exercise goals - to be able to jog a full 5K distance without taking any breaks. A couple of years ago, before I started working out, a walk half that length would have been about my limit, but I've been slowly but surely improving my stamina. My philosophy is to work towards my goals without a deadline - as long as I'm consistently improving I'll let the milestones come when they may. Next goal is to jog the 5K in under 35 minutes (today I did it in 39:16 - I have run a 5K in close to 35 but that was combining fast running with walking).

As a side effect, I've lost 15 extra pounds, a couple of inches of waist and several points of blood pressure. Not too shabby.

(If you don't get the reference in the post title, the Blerch is described here).

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