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I has a sad.
The only sport I really follow is Formula 1 racing. A large part of this is due to the announcing team on Speed TV - Bob Varsha, David Hobbes (ex F1 driver) and Steve Matchett (ex F1 mechanic.) Their laid back announcing style is a lot of fun, like watching the race with three friends.

Unfortunately, it's been announced that Speed TV will no longer carry F1, and NBC Sports has picked it up (rumors are that FOX is planning to shutter Speed TV and turn it into a baseball centered channel). A big part of what keeps me watching F1 is going away. I'm hoping that NBC Sports does a halfway decent job of coverage, but I'm not holding out high hopes.

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I felt the same way when BBC lost the rights to show all the races. Sky TV took it and there's not a thing on this earth that will make me give my money to them so I only get to properly watch half a season now >_

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