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Ping dryad_song
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Study suggests that being too clean can make people sick

Yet another reason to stay away from antibacterial soaps.

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Huh, double whammy — problems from the triclosan, AND an underdeveloped immune system. Save us from stupid people who think that growing up in a completely sterile environment is either possible, or a good idea in the first place....

It's possible. They've done it with lab animals and for some immune compromised people.

But unless it is *necessary* it's a really bad idea.

Well, true, technically I should have said "practical". But we certainly can't do it for everyone, and for the few people it has ever been done for, it didn't work out too well.

I'd *love* to stay away from the anti-bacterial soaps. But just *try* finding a liquid hand soap that *isn't*.

I found one. And it costs *5 times* what the others do. :-(

We use Dr. Bronner's at home. It's expensive, but you can mix it 1:1 with water (2:1 would probably also work) and even at that concentration you don't need more than one squirt to get a lot of lather on your hands, so a bottle lasts the two of us several months.

Ditto this. Bronner's has become our everything soap :)

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